Who is Terrence?
Terrence is a designer. He is an aspiring business developer. Terrence is also constantly learning something new about Adobe Creative Cloud. Terrence  is tired of talking in third person perspective.
[photo of me in the third person perspective]
Hi, my name is Terrence. I am an Indigenous descendant. My bloodline flows from the Albany River, Rupert River, Moose River, and North French River. I guess you can say those rivers also flow through me. As a matter of fact, although my being and those rivers are one and the same, I rarely fish; or hunt. Still, I am a land user.
[map of the river]
I am a land user because I drink the water. I travel on the land. I bury my deceased loved ones into the ground. The land sustains me in a different way. I hunt every for birds once every few years. I fish at least once a summer. Twice ice fishing during the winter... at the very least. I am a land user. I pass down what I have learned and what was taught to me by my Parents, Grand Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Elders, mentors, friends, and those more knowledgeable than myself to my three daughters. So, yes. I am a land user. I am participant in my culture.
[photo of me and my family out on the land]
Most recently, I now live up river in the headwaters of my homelands. A place called Kapuskasing. Kapuskasing is an Indigenous word meaning "misty." A lot of people thought it meant "a bend in the river," it did not. I stumbled upon this definition while researching during my short tenure as an Aboriginal Liaison Coordinator for the town.
To learn more about what I'm up to, please visit any of the social networks listed; they're 'round here some place.
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